Anti-Conterfeiting Measures

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Cracking down on counterfeited products,to safeguard the rights of the property owners

There are counterfeited steel products in the market claimed to be Leasen product, these products are offen uninspected with questionable quality,which not only violates consumers' rights, could even place human lifes under risk

Guides to identify counterfeited Leasen products:

1, the overall upgrade of the outer packaging, the unique Lyson red acrylic outer packaging, Lyson Titanium Tin Plate and LEASEN steel seal; 

2, the direction of the unique cartoon Kangaroo Roll Hidden Signs; 

3, the unique LEASEN and roll number labels;

4, Each roll is specially equipped with customized wooden support; 

5, in the product panel every 3 meters spray product specific code, using a special process, the specific code spray on the product panel, that is the real;

 6, sales process, with material specification; 

7, through the authority of TUV, the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center, ASTM and other third-party testing certification; 

8, the national anti-counterfeiting hotline: 400-6888-197

9,Australia Technology, professional customization, 15 years of quality assurance

The year 2020 is the fundamental year of the anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting campaign. We are a company with experience in the production of functional coated plates with unique features. While strictly observing the quality of our products, we pay more attention to the construction of our own anti-counterfeiting system, leasen to prevent customers from being deceived by counterfeit products, bear economic losses, effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers of LEASEN products.


Visible quality,     visible material,                                                              big country brand,  professional customization

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